The project, being a research project, attempts to implement a specific methodology and to standardize a tool for measuring the satisfaction experienced by the quality of the offered Primary Health Care services. The main objectives of the project are:

·         Strengthening the ability of local authorities in monitoring the indicators, impacts, processes, adequacy, effectiveness and efficiency of the Primary Health Care

·         Strengthening of the citizen's participation in the decision-making process which influences the policies to be implemented.

·         Highlighting the need for intersectoral collaboration among health and primary care professionals in order to create a Primary Health Care network which will meet the health needs of the citizens.

The ultimate objective of the project is the formulation of policies which will strengthen the primary health care service, both as a policy on the local authorities level as well as a broader and more general public administration development policy. In general terms, this system will include any information that will facilitate, accelerate and 'standardize' actions and interventions in the Primary Health Care Networks.

The Workpackages of the project are:

WP1: Design of Research Methodology

WP 2: Evaluation of Services

WP. 3: Data Processing Quality and Quality Research

WP. 4: Writing of Final Texts and Publications

WP. 5: Internal evaluation

The questions answered by the research are:

a) How do users evaluate the services?

b)What effect the offered services have on the quality of life of the local society?

c)How could the primary health care serve as a developing tool for local communities in order to improve the living standards of the local community.



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