Direct use of Primary Health Care services

l  Evaluate the services of Medical Care

l  Evaluate the services of Nursing Care

l  Evaluate Administrative Services

l  Evaluate the facilities of Outpatients

l  Time and Attendance Service

l  Cost of Service

l  Overview outpatient services

l  Future Use of Services


General population and potential use of the services


l  Who would you approach?

l  What Services do you or your family feel are important?

Questions concerning the trust to the Local Government :

l  Do you think the local government could provide a reliable solution to your health problem?

l  What Services in your opinion could be provided effectively by the Municipality?

l  If you gave ten Euros to local Authorities to fund health services would it result in an improvement in your health?

l  Would you be willing to pay local taxes to organize the Local Government Health Care Network?

l  Services that could provide effectively the Local Government 


QUESTIONNAIRE: Patient Satisfaction of provided services in outpatient clinics 

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